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Ruff Winter Temperatures

Winter Pet Safety Tips for 2018

The last month here in Buffalo NY has been RUFF. Do you remember a time that has been this cold out? What most people forget is that our pets need a little extra TLC during these months. Here are 4 common concerns that may put your pet in danger this winter season!



As the winter months approach and snow begins to fall in Western New York, all cars rely on antifreeze to keep their vehicle in top running condition. But, did you know that the main ingredient in antifreeze is extremely toxic but smells like a sweet treat to your pet? To prevent a pet emergency, always clean up spills, and keep an eye out for green fluid leaking from your car in the driveway or garage.

Rock Salt

We all want our sidewalks and street to be safe in the winter, so using rock salt to melt ice and snow is extremely common. Although it is great for keeping us safe, rock salt can be one of the most dangerous winter products for our beloved pets. The pointy, jagged edges of the salt can cut the soft paw pads of our pups, and also leave their skin dry and cracked. The solution? Try walking your dog on patches of fresh snow, and try to keep them off of the salty streets and sidewalks!

Holiday Decor

Our pets love to explore new things we place in our homes, and that curiosity can quickly turn into a pet emergency. Things like a Christmas tree, any holiday lights, or other fragile knick knacks you may have out for the season could be dangerous. Make sure you are attentive around your pets if candles are lit. The fresh pine needles that fall around a real Christmas tree are not deadly, but if eaten they can cause some pretty awful side effects for most dogs and cats! Make sure ornaments and other shiny holiday decorations are kept out of reach from your pets!

Freezing or Sub-Zero Temperatures

No one likes to be cold, especially our pets! As the weather changes, make sure that you are not letting your animals out for extended periods of time. Hypothermia can occur, and most of our pets don’t wear footwear so animals with longer fur can collect frozen patches between the toes that cause frostbite.

Each breed of dog or cat has their own tolerance to cold winter weather. We know Buffalo and WNY sees its fair share of that cold weather. Do your due diligence to be sure you understand what that is, and when in doubt err on the side of caution. Keep those furry family members happy and healthy, so they don’t ever need to visit the emergency vet. However, if you ever need us for an animal emergency we are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We will always take your call and let you know what your next best action is to take.



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