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4 Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

When you or your family decides it’s time to bring a puppy or rescue dog into your home, it is a time of excitement and stress. In the mix of all the chaos a new four legged friend can bring, a lot of new dog owners make some mistakes that can put you, or your new family member in a bad situation. At Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we are here to help you with this transition. Here are some common mistakes most dog owners make, and how to prevent them.


1. Social Butterfly

One of the most common mistakes new dog owners make is not socializing their new puppy enough. Typically, your new puppy will be coming into your home when it is around 2-3 months old. He or she knows nothing except its litter mates, and the home it came from. It is so important to introduce your puppy to new people, places, and things. Bringing your puppy around cars, kids, and people besides yourself will help your new friend be a friendly and well behaved dog. Dog parks and other public places are great ways to give your puppy the exposure it needs. Implementing proper safety discipline young, and paying attention to the details can help prevent emergencies in the future.

2. Potty Training

Another common mistake that new dog owners make has to do with potty training. Your new puppy will not know when or where to go when the time comes. Creating a timetable for your puppy will make the task of potty training easier on both of you! Make sure that after naps, playtime, and feeding you are able to take your dog out so they can go! Also, patience is key. It can take up to eight months to master housebreaking for some dogs.

3. Exercise

A lot of new dog owners do not exercise their new puppies enough. The more walking, running and playing your puppy does, the less energy they have for bad behaviors, such as chewing on your favorite tennis shoes. Make sure you are choosing a breed that is going to mesh well with your lifestyle! Starting off with two to three walks a day can really help tire your new puppy out (and save your sneakers!).

4. Watchful Eye

You wouldn’t let a small child play around dangerous materials. You wouldn’t let a small child run around outdoors without a safe boundary or fence. You wouldn’t feed a small child something that isn’t meant for them to eat. Remember, these young doggies are basically like infants, or toddlers. They don’t know any better! Keep them safe from foreign objects, away from roads, and always keep a close eye on them to keep them safe.

Becoming a pet owner is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. While getting a new puppy is an exciting time, it can certainly cause a headache for the owner. Following these tips can make the transition for you and your new puppy easier and stress free. At Vet Emergency Clinic, we are here to help you from the day you bring your new four legged friend home. Stay tuned to the Veterinary Emergency blog for updates on young pet safety, and prevention of emergencies.

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