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Paws off the Dinner Table 

Surprisingly Dangerous Foods for Dogs

Against most vets recommendations, we all feed our dogs table scraps or human food. There are also times where our four legged friends sneak into the pantry and get into some food they shouldn’t. So what foods are dangerous for our doggies to consume? Veterinary Emergency Clinic has a list of five foods your dog definitely shouldn’t be eating!


Popcorn is a tasty snack once and a while for humans, but for dogs, it can be harmful. The high fat and sodium content in popcorn can cause dehydration. Unpopped kernels can hurt your dog’s gums and teeth as well! So if you do want to share some movie theater snacks with your dog, make sure it is unbuttered or salted air popped popcorn!


So avocado is actually good for your dog. The dangerous parts of this superfood for our dogs are the skin and the leaves. Both the skin and leaves contain persin, an oil soluble toxin that can cause some serious issues for dogs. Respiratory distress, congestion, fluid around your dog’s heart, and death can occur if you dog has ingested this toxin!

Macadamia Nuts

Most nuts and nut butters are ok for dogs to have (in small doses). For some reason, macadamia nuts are not safe for dogs to eat. They are toxic to dogs, and can cause vomiting, ataxia , or the loss of full control of bodily movements, weakness and depression. The good news is that even if your dog eats macadamia nuts, they are expected to make a full recovery in just a few days!


Surprisingly, grapes and raisins are some of the most toxic foods that dogs can eat. Eating too many of these toxic treats can cause kidney failure or even death. If you suspect your dog has eaten raisins or grapes give Veterinary Emergency Clinic a call, so we can walk you through what to do next.

Unripe Tomatoes/Potatoes

Unripened tomatoes and potatoes contain solanine, which is a toxin that can cause stomach issues, weakness and confusion in your dogs. If you do want to feed your dog these veggies, just make sure they are cooked and fully ripened!

Our canine friends often eat things they aren’t supposed to. Just make sure that your dog is happy and healthy by keeping these items out of their reach. If you think your dog has eaten any of these items, or is experiencing any of these symptoms, call Veterinary Emergency Clinic ASAP! We are willing to talk you through what to do, or have you come into our clinic to receive the best care in the Western New York area! When emergency animal care is needed, we are always here to help.



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