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Most Common Pet Emergencies

Having pets is an amazing feeling. The love and joy animals can bring into someone’s life is almost too spectacular for words. But, sometimes these animals get sick and it is our job to provide the best care we can for them. Veterinary Emergency Clinic sees a lot of pet emergencies, from large to small! Here’s a list of the most common Pet Emergencies, and how you can help!


Vomiting / Diarrhea

This is the most common pet emergency. Normally, the symptoms should resolve themselves within 24 hours. Feeding your pet very simple food, like boiled skinless chicken, rice, and boiled potatoes can help. If vomiting or diarrhoea persist or there is any sort of blood, call your vet, and get your pet to a clinic asap!


From cuts or scrapes, to major traumas like car accidents, we see many emergencies like this. If your pet is bleeding, from a major trauma, hold pressure on the wound, and get you pet to a medical facility. If it is a minor cut, making a salt water rinse and applying bandages should do the trick!


After a seizure, you and your pet are both in a stressful environment. If your pet is having multiple seizures in 24 hours and has been diagnosed as epileptic, call your vet. If it is your pet’s first seizure, schedule a check up to ensure the health of your pet!

Insect Bites/ Allergic Reactions

Allergic reactions or insect bites can happen any time of year, although they are more common in the summer months. Common signs of an allergy or insect bite are swelling or redness, or if your pet is very itchy! Topical hydrocortisone cream can help for minor irritations. If your pet is having trouble breathing, call your vet and get to the closest clinic asap!

Veterinary Emergency Clinic understands that it is stressful when our pets get sick! We are here to help you anytime, any day of the week! Call us to schedule an appointment!



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