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Heat-Related Illnesses to be Aware of

When it is cold outside, we are all worried about our dogs getting frostbite or other winter weather ailments. During the summer months, there are even more dangerous things that the weather can do to our four-legged friends. What can we do if our pet is suffering from a heat-related ailment? Here at Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we are here to help make sure your pet stays safe during these hot summer months. Here are a few guidelines to when you should bring your dog into the vet for emergency care.

What Heat-Related Emergencies Should I Be Concerned About?

During the summer months, hundreds of pets die due to heat-related illnesses. What are these illnesses? Obvious ones are heat stroke or overheating, but pets can also get burns from hot pavement. Heat exhaustion is also a common injury in the summer months. Unlike humans, dogs do not have sweat glands to cool them down. Instead, dogs pant to regulate their body temperature. But if your dog is overheating, it may be time to take them to Veterinary Emergency Clinic for emergency care.

What are Some Serious Symptoms?

Lucky for us, it is super easy to spot signs of heat-related illness in dogs. Excessive panting is the first sign that something serious is going on. Some other signs may be that your dog may be overheating are passing out, convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea, and bright red or blue tongue and gums. There are more subtle signs as well, like your dog being less responsive to commands, or they lose coordination. If you see any of these symptoms in your dog, please give Veterinary Emergency Clinic a call. We will be able to help you get your pet back to its normal state.

How Can I Help?

The first thing you can do to help your dog is to get them out of the heat. Try to get your dog to drink water or wet your pet’s tongue. Most importantly, get your dog to a Vet to make sure that he or she is okay. Call Veterinary Emergency Clinic before you bring your dog to us so we can be prepared to take quick action.

Here at Veterinary Emergency Clinic, we are here to help. We understand how scary it can be when our pets get sick. We are always here to help when you have emergency pet needs.



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