3 Tips for WNY Pet Owners

Big Game Safety

As you may or may not know…We are officially open 24-7! This is something that everyone here at Veterinary Emergency Clinic has been working toward, and we are all excited to be available for the people of WNY after hours once again! With the Super Bowl approaching this weekend, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some pet safety tips to consider as the big game approaches this Sunday!

Ensure the Guests Know the Rulebook

As we all know, some of the most satisfying moments of Super Bowl Sunday surround the snacks! When game day comes, ensure all the football fans in attendance understand the rules of game day with your pets. Chicken wings in Buffalo are a staple, but unfortunately every year we get calls from pet owners whose pet swallowed a chicken wing bone. This can be a huge issue. Other snacks like fatty meats, alcohol, sodas, trail mix, chips and dip, and other common human delicacies can also cause issues for your pet. Many of these foods are toxic and could cause vomiting, bloating, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, pancreatitis, and even death.

Ensure everyone knows the rules… No human food for the pets! Consider picking up some healthy treats so your guests can feed the dog or kitty rather than human food.

Door Defense

When people are coming and going, coming in and out, or if you have a big party, the door will be used often. It’s imperative to ensure your pets’ are secure and safe from getting outdoors. Take extra precautions especially if you are having new guests over to avoid your animal making a dash for the door, which could lead to being lost or being hit by a vehicle.

Secure the exits and entryways to make sure you don’t have any 40-yard dashes down the street after your pet.

One Fan’s Trash…

One football fan’s trash is a hungry dog’s treasure. Even if your guests provide perfect team chemistry and avoid feeding your pet, a full garbage can unattended can mean disaster. Leftover food on the counter or discarded bones, wrappers and scraps can mean danger for pets. Bones can splinter, lodge in the digestive tract, block airways, or perforate the intestine. Ensure that any extra trash is taken out immediately, and all garbage cans are covered and secure.

Make sure all your trash is taken care of to ensure a happy and healthy party for your pets!

Sure, maybe Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills didn’t make the Super Bowl, but Bills fans can still enjoy this Sunday with all their rowdy friends, even the furry friends! It’s always best if you’re having a big party to ensure your pet is safe, even if that means keeping them in a safe room apart from the party. We hope everyone has a safe and happy big game this Sunday, but remember if anything ever happens to your pet, we are always here… 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Stay tuned to the Pet Emergency blog for helpful tips year-round, and remember to follow us on Facebook and save our number in case of emergency!



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