4 Common Ways Your Dog Could Contract the Dangerous Disease

Leptospirosis in Dogs

Here on the blog, we hope to provide useful information regarding your pet’s safety, so that WNY pet owners can be more informed and avoid ever needing to come into our emergency animal hospital. We are always here, 24/7 for all emergency-related questions, so if you are in doubt, give us a call! Today on the blog we are talking about leptospirosis. The disease is common and caused by infection caused by the leptospira bacteria. The disease can spread to humans, which is another reason why it’s so imperative to be aware of the signs and how your dog could contract it. 

Calling our emergency animal hospital is necessary if there are any signs of an infection.

Here are 4 Common Ways a Dog can contract Leptospirosis

Wound Contact

In the event that your pup has even a minor wound, cut or scrape if by chance your animal happens to come in contact with any substance or other dog that is infected with the bacteria, it is possible for the dog to become infected. Any potential wounds or scrapes should be monitored and notified to your vet, or an emergency animal hospital immediately so they can provide you with proper care.

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Infected Urine Ingestion

A cut or scrape to the nose or mucous membranes could cause your dog to become infected, but ingesting any food or water that has been in contact with infected urine. Dogs obviously tend to mark their territory, and any soil, water, food, or bedding that an infected dog may have contacted by an infected dog could be dangerous. Precaution should always be taken when taking your dog to places where other dogs do their business. 

Bite from Infected Animal

Always be extra careful when bringing your dog to a dog park or other place that has a high doggy population. Obviously, we never like to see a dog fight that can become extremely dangerous to both the dogs and anyone involved, but even playing and play-fighting could lead to a bite or scrape. If by chance another dog has been infected, this could lead to an infection in your dog.

Consuming Infected Carcass

Dogs are curious. No dog should be consuming a dead animal, but in the event, you have yourself an adventure lover, this is a reality. Dogs prey drive leads them to want to chase anything that moves, and rodents often carry diseases like leptospirosis. Eating infected tissues or carcasses could lead to an infection and make your dog very sick. 

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If you have any fear that your dog may be experiencing any of the signs of an infection, precautions must be taken immediately. Please call our emergency animal hospital as soon as possible so we can help you best understand the proper precaution and the best next steps. Remember, if your vet isn’t open, we are here to answer your questions. Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for weekly pet tips!



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