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Itchy Stitchy – 6 Things to Remember After a Cat Surgery

This blog serves as an awareness tool to try and help provide insight for pet owners in WNY into the world of veterinary emergencies. If you are dealing with an animal emergency or have a question regarding a surgical incision or wound, please call our emergency line, which is available 24/7. There are many reasons why a kitty cat may need surgery, but if you do find yourself caring for a cat’s stitches, there are a few things you’re going to want to keep in mind. 

No Outdoors

If your cat has gone “under the knife,” there is no reason that they should be outside. If your lil guy likes to go outside, they may think they are ready to get back out and adventure, but that is not a good idea. The stitches need time to heal, and being outside is a high risk. Keep the cat inside in a safe location so you can keep an eye on him or her. 

Restricted Activity

Your kitty is probably feeling a little down and has been through a lot. The experience is not unlike a human needing to go into surgery, it requires a lot of fortitude and mental recovery as much as physical recovery. Don’t let your cat jump or engage in any strenuous activity that might cause excessive stretching of the surgical incision, especially in the first few days after surgery. 

Overactivity could lead to cage rest or confinement in a small room in some circumstances.

Keep The Incision Dry

While the stitches are in place, do not bathe your cat or allow the incision to get wet. Never apply any substances such as ointment or cream. Humans use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol on wounds, but this is NEVER to be used on an animal, as these products will damage the cells and delay healing. 

Keep the wound dry and try to check on the incision at least 2 times a day to ensure the integrity of the stitches are holding up, and there are no signs of infection. 

No Licking or Scratching

Cats love to groom, and it helps them feel good. When facing a traumatic event like this, grooming is something they will want to do to help them feel better. Typically an E-collar is provided for the animal to help them avoid being able to lick or scratch the wound. Some people believe that cat saliva is a disinfectant or antibacterial, though it is not. 

Under no conditions should you allow the cat to lick or scratch at the stitches, as they can quickly open up the incision?

Keep the Cone ON

Depending on the location of the incision, you may or not be asked by your vet to have the animal wear an e-collar or cone. The first few days, the cat is not going to be excited about being physically debilitated and not be able to groom. Most pets will settle down after a short period. It’s better to keep the cone on all the time, rather than take it on and off. It’s not the easiest time, but if you be extra safe you’ll avoid any further challenges.

It’s best to keep the cone on at all times and monitor the situation.

Give them Love!

The kitty isn’t going through an easy time, and one key factor to remember is to be your normal loving owner self! Keep clear of the incision and make sure to not touch the stitches, but don’t hold back on love for your kitty during this hard time! Make sure to “cone-proof” your home and ensure the cat can get to all their necessities like their food and water, and the litter box. The cone will prevent the animal from getting into some of their comfiest places to rest, so make sure they have some places they can reach without needing to climb or jump. 

Keep talking to them and be extra nice during their rough time, they will appreciate the love!

These are just a few reminders to keep in mind for dealing with a cat following surgery, this is not veterinary advice. If you need to speak with a veterinarian, please don’t hesitate to reach out via our 24-hour emergency line. We are always here for pet owners and pets of WNY! We will be ready if you ever need us when your regular vet isn’t available! Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more pet safety tips!




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