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4 Fall Pet Safety Warnings 

The weather is changing in WNY, and the first day of fall brought a lil chill in the air. What better time to talk about potential pet dangers that the fall season can bring? We aim to use this blog to help pet owners of Western New York better understand the world of emergency vet care, and do our best to help avoid any emergencies. Each season brings different challenges and risks to our pets, so let’s take a minute to plan on being proactive this Fall to keep our pets safe!

Here are 4 Things to Think About This Fall with Your Furry Friends

Mushrooms & Molds

As the climate begins to shift, there are new mushrooms and molds that grow on the ground and around trees and plants. This is all-natural, but mushrooms and molds can be very dangerous for pets. While out on walks, or even in your backyard, be aware of mushrooms and make sure your pup doesn’t sniff around or ingest any wild mushrooms. 

If you do happen to notice your dog ate a mushroom or mold, without touching it with your hands try to carefully collect a sample to bring to your vet. Be aware these can also be harmful to humans so never handle the mushroom with your skin if you can avoid it.

Holiday Decorations

Between Buffalo Bills games, back to school, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, Fall is certainly a time to behold in WNY. This is the time of the year when families are in and out of the house a lot with school, sports, and activities all hitting the ground running. Be careful of open doors and windows to avoid pets getting out. It’s also important to be aware of any holiday decorations and lights, along with those holiday candles. Animals are known to chew on power cords and other decorations.

Candy & Chocolate

Much like during Easter, you’re going to want to be extra careful with the pets around Halloween. Keep all candy stored away in a freezer or high shelf. Always put the candy away after eating, and be aware of any wrappers, throw them out!

Chocolate is extremely dangerous for pets. Any candy or treat with xylitol can be potentially fatal to pets. Other artificial sweeteners can be dangerous as well. Some candy can also cause a choking risk for animals. 


Temperature Changes

Maybe you’re a tough person and can gut through cold temperatures, but don’t force your animal to go through a cold night. Temperatures can fluctuate drastically here in Buffalo and WNY, and a day could be too hot or too cold on the same day. If by chance we get a very sunny hot day, make sure you provide adequate water, but also be aware of cooler temps and time outdoors during these cooler times. A quick rain shower can get cold very quickly in October/November.

These are just a few tips to remind you to be safe this fall! We hope that your next few months go safely and we don’t need to see you, but remember that if you are ever in need of emergency pet answers, you can call our emergency line 24/7 here in WNY. We are always available when your regular vet isn’t. Remember to follow up on Facebook and Instagram for more pet safety tips and good news from inside the hospital!



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