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Better Safe Than Sorry | Signs Your Pooch is in Pain

Better Safe Than Sorry | Signs Your Pooch is in Pain

An infant cries when something is wrong. Even a young child can explain when something is wrong to a parent or guardian. We can take over the counter medications when we have a headache or an upset stomach. So what about our pets? Our dogs can’t vocalize when they are in pain through language, but if we don’t see any wounds or see any accident, how do we know when he or she is in pain? Here are a few subtle tells that your dog is experiencing symptoms of pain.

Over Grooming

Obviously dogs are frequently licking and grooming themselves, but if you notice him or her focusing on a specific area on their body, pay close attention. Oftentimes dogs will groom places of pain hoping to clean a wound, even if a wound isn’t present. Keep an eye on the area and watch to see if they keep tending to the same place.

Heavy Panting

Again, common panting shouldn’t scare any dog owner, as this is completely normal following exercise or when it’s hot out. If your dog suddenly begins panting heavily out of character, it could be stress induced. If you notice repetitive, uncommon heavy panting, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, as your dog could be in pain.

Not Eating

You know your dog more than anyone. If you notice changes in their appetite, or they show no interest in eating their normal diet, they might be showing symptoms of an ailment. Are they not even getting up to walk over to their bowl like they usually do? This could be dangerous and you should give your emergency vet a call.

Personality Changes

Is your dog being overly shy? Antisocial? Does he or she usually run up and greet everyone happily, and now don’t seem to want to anymore? This could be a sign they are in pain. Another common change is they could become overly aggressive when you try touching them or getting close to them. Don’t take it personally, dogs tend to protect themselves from any contact when they are feeling pain.

Physical Behavior Changes

This is the most easily noticeable of any. Again, no one knows your pet more than you, so prepare to call an emergency vet if you see any of the following signs:

  • Stiff or Arched Back
  • Limping
  • Laying on Side
  • Moving Slow
  • Unexplained Accidents in the House
  • Not making it outside in time
  • Lack of squatting when using bathroom
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Trouble standing

Hopefully your dog is healthy, happy, and strong. In the event that you recognize something is wrong, we are always here when your regular veterinarian isn’t available. We are the only 24 hour emergency vet dedicated 100% to emergency treatment. Keep us in mind if you ever recognize any of the signs mentioned above.  We are available to talk on the phone, and always open, even nights and weekends.

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