FAQ – Emergencies

How Is a Buffalo Animal Emergency Hospital Different than a Traditional Vet?

If your pet is currently experiencing an emergency, please call (716) 839-4043 immediately! Below is a list of what you should do in an emergency as well as a few examples of what actually may constitute an emergency. However, this is not a comprehensive list. Always remember, you are the best judge of your pet’s normal behavior. If you even suspect trouble, you are probably right. Be safe and reach out to us immediately.

How Is a Buffalo Animal Emergency Hospital Different than a Traditional Vet?

3 Things an Emergency Animal Hospital Does That You Won’t Find at Your Every Day Vet

As a 100% emergency veterinary facility, we solely focus on helping animals in the direst of situations. With a team of professionals who are experienced in these scenarios, we work every day to try to help every animal and WNY family we can. We wanted to talk a bit about a few things that an Emergency Animal Hospital does, in case of emergency. 

Trauma Care

In the event that your animal faced significant physical trauma, it is imperative that the right actions are taken in the immediate aftermath to avoid future issues. At an emergency animal hospital, ER teams are prepared to act swiftly and take the right first steps. 

If you have a regular vet, they may refer you to an emergency facility for things like broken bones or serious trauma incidents, because it requires specialists’ attention. 

Blood Transfusion

When unforeseen emergencies occur, an animal hospital like Veterinary Emergency Clinic will be able to perform a blood transfusion. Did you know that just like humans, both cats and dogs have different blood types? In the event your animal needs a blood transfusion, it isn’t guaranteed your everyday vet will be able to help. 

There are a few different reasons why an animal may need a blood transfusion but it is typically if the animal lost too much blood, has a blood disease or may be recovering from surgery. 

Emergency Surgery

Look over our list of situations that may constitute an emergency for reference, but sometimes our pets have an issue that requires immediate action in the form of surgery. Depending on the severity of the situation, and the dire nature of emergency need in some situations, there may not be time to go to another vet prior to emergency surgery. 

Some non-emergency surgeries can be scheduled and booked out, but sometimes things happen and it may be best to contact an Emergency Veterinarian. 

These are a few ways that an Emergency Animal Hospital differs from a traditional veterinarian. If you have a question about your pet or a concern, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to answer any questions that you may have and are always willing to help. 

Every team member at our Emergency Vet Clinic is specifically chosen for their expertise and compassion in the world of veterinary medicine. We are a team of professionals who understand that this time is not ideal, but we do everything we can to help you make the best decision for your pet and your family. It is an unfortunate reality that we see emergencies that don’t always have a happy ending, but it is the love and care of animals that make our jobs truly fulfilling. 

Helping families get through a scary situation is key, as many parents and kids haven’t been through something like this before. 

When an emergency occurs, the first moments can be truly shocking, and we want to help relieve that shock and stress. We are available for you via phone, where we will seek to understand the situation as best as possible and provide you with your next best steps. You can rest assured that there is an emergency vet clinic near you that can immediately step into action. 

Humans can call 911 when an emergency occurs, but if you have an emergency with your pet, call VEC. We are 100% dedicated to emergency situations and have a team of caring and compassionate staff that are experienced in helping everyone through a difficult time.