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Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Pet Owners in WNY

Christmas Tree Safety Tips for Pet Owners in WNY

It certainly hasn’t been a winter wonderland in Western New York, but we hope all of our pet owners in WNY are ready for a beautiful Christmas! It’s safe to say that most families in Buffalo have a Christmas tree in their home to celebrate the holidays. We want all pet owners to be wary of potential emergencies that can arise. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry, so here are 5 tips on ensuring your pet’s safety with the Christmas tree around this festive time.

  1. If buying a fresh tree is one of your family’s traditions, be cautious with the pine needles. We don’t realize how sharp they are, but if swallowed, they can puncture your pet’s intestines.
  2. Your lights should not be hanging on the low branches. From your pet’s getting tangled in the lights to the possibility of being a burning hazard to even the possibility of an electrocution if they chew on the wire, it is better to be safe rather than sorry.  
  3. While you’re at it, keep the ornaments away as well. It’s hard to keep track of every piece if they break and one missed shard could injure your pet’s paws, mouths or any other part of their body. If your pet thinks it’s a fun toy too, the danger of them choking or having intestinal blockage is too high to risk the bottom of your tree looking nice.
  4. Tinsel is always a nice touch, but make sure your little family members aren’t the ones touching them. Hang them high and away from their reach to avoid them ingesting and choking on them. If tinsel gets stuck in your pet’s intestines, it might require surgery so be extremely aware of your pet’s ability to get at it.
  5. To avoid most of the tree injuries, keep your tree in the corner away from everything. Your pet will be less intrigued by it since it’s not in the middle of the room. An additional trick to keep your pets away is to fill a water bottle with knick knacks or other objects to make loud noises when hit, which may send a warning to your playful pets to stay away.


Veterinary Emergency Clinic wants to ensure that all pets stay safe this Christmas. If an accident does occur, remember that we open when others close. In the event that something happens to your pet, please call us immediately. We pride ourselves in being the top 24 Hour emergency vet in Buffalo and all of Western New York!


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