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Love is In the Air | What We Can Learn From Pets This V-Day

Love is In the Air | What We Can Learn From Pets This V-Day

What can we learn about love from our pets? It’s as simple as taking a step back and thinking about what our pets mean to us at the core. As a child, our pet may have been nothing more than a breathing teddy bear. Our small minds couldn’t understand the magnitude of what a difference a dog or cat can make in our heart. As adults, we can better understand and appreciate the warmth and unconditional love that pets give us. Think of that smiling pooch’s excitement after getting home from a long day at work. Think of that slow, sullen blink of a cat when you haven’t filled their food dish. Whether speaking about a platonic relationship or a loving relationship, we can benefit from looking at the values of our relationships with our pets.

How to Be Patient

One of the things pets can help teach us is the value of patience. Everyone knows the saying “Love is patient, love is kind…” Who knows patience more than the owner of a potty training pup? Learning to balance your emotions when raising an animal that can’t help itself aids our ability to balance emotions and be patient within our human relationships.

Learning to Care for Others

Having a pet to take care of helps teach us how to take care of something other than ourselves. We get so caught up in the day to day rigamarole that we forget to care for the important people in our lives. The responsibility and reciprocation of a loving relationship with your animal helps you become more selfless and a better partner or friend.

How to Communicate

This might seem silly. Even though most true pet lovers probably talk to their pets regularly, animals can’t talk back, right? Wrong. Living with and raising animals helps us to understand how to be more empathetic and also enhances our ability to read body language. Animals tell us how they feel through this body language. As we have talked about in the blog, pet owners notice signs that their pet is in pain, or hungry, or happy, and so on. This helps us in our human relationships to be able to sense when something is wrong, or when we just have to ask someone if they’re doing okay.

Who would have thought that our pets could be our little love doctors? As you can see, the love we share with our pets can definitely play a role in our current or future relationships. As Valentine’s Day approaches, take a little time to appreciate the animal(s) in your life. They are of course, the model for every relationship, possessing and sharing an eternal and unconditional love. Be sure to take a look at our blog about the dangers of leaving chocolate out around the holidays. Remember, Veterinary Emergency Clinic is ready 24/7 for any companion animal emergency.

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