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New Year’s’ Resolutions for Pet Parents

New Year’s’ Resolutions for Pet Parents

As the holiday season winds down, and we move into 2017, Veterinary Emergency Clinic wanted to take a few minutes to talk about some positive changes for you and your pet. We always think of New Year’s resolutions that benefit ourselves, but what about the animals in our lives? Here are a few ideas on how your pet can benefit from some positive changes you can make this New Year.

Try a New Activity or Place

Whether it’s a new dog park, training for a new trick, or a new toy, entice your pet with something new. A new hike or place to explore is a great way to bond with your dog. It’s amazing how excited a laser pointer can be for a cat. Get creative and show them something new and exciting!

Start Measuring Out Food

As the gyms around WNY begin swelling with semi-committed lifestyle changers, start paying attention to your pet’s food rationing. Most pet owners, especially owners of older pets, use the “eyeball” test to measure out their food. This can result in overfeeding and weight gain. Use a measuring cup to ensure your pet isn’t getting too many calories in their diet.

Set a Vet Date

When is the last time you brought your pet in to see the veterinarian? Yearly examinations with Buffalo veterinarians are very important in preventing health issues. Many diseases and conditions are easier to manage when treated early on in the disease process. A simple trip to the vet enables you to ask questions about diet, behavioral issues, advice, etc.

Choose A Diet Based on the Animal’s Age

Choosing a diet tailored on your pet’s life stage is very important. Younger, growing pets have a specific nutritional requirement to ensure they grow up strong and healthy. Older pets may have conditions that need appropriate diet changes, even though their energy requirement may be lower than younger animals.

Incorporate More Playtime

Hand in hand with a new activity or place, incorporating an increased amount of playtime can really bring you closer to your pet. A few more ideas for cats; anything that incorporates a cat’s predatory instinct is great. Crinkly balls, climbable cat trees, catnip toys, even a cardboard box can be beneficial for your pet.

Get Back to Grooming

Brushing your pet doesn’t only remove fur that ends up on your couch. It helps distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping the coat healthy and shiny. Grooming your pet daily also shows your pet how much you love them by taking care of them. As much as they might not enjoy getting their teeth brushed, increasing your attention to oral care is important for your pet’s future.

We aren’t saying you shouldn’t set a few goals for yourself this New Year’s, but why not take a fresh perspective on your pet parenthood? Our pets bring us so much joy and are always there for us, even when no one else is. Take a second to appreciate all the great memories you’ve had with your buddy and take a few minor positive steps to ensure you have them in your life for as long as possible! Remember, Veterinary Emergency Clinic is your only 24 hour, 100% emergency & urgent care facility in Western New York!

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