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Pet Safety Around the Holidays

Pet Safety Around the Holidays

The Holiday season is a time for celebrating family and friends, and pet owners know that includes our favorite furry friends and family. Around this time, with so much excitement and hectic activity, Western New York pet owners must remember that there are many dangerous things for our animals to get into. There are glass ornaments everywhere, plants galore, lights and most importantly, the tree. Here are a few things to remember over the next few weeks to keep your pets safe.

Keep Those Poinsettias, Mistletoes, Holly Away From Pets.

Unknown to some, all of these are actually poisonous to your animals. This doesn’t mean you cannot have them in your home, just make sure they are hanging in a place that is hard to reach. Cats can not ingest poinsettias, it is extremely dangerous.

Make sure all candles are out-of-reach from your pet.

Low level candles can cause dogs to knock over or wag their tail through the flame. Cats are also known to climb up on high levels and potentially do the same thing, so be extra careful when lighting those wonderful holiday candles!

Be Extra Safe with Your Electrical Cords.

By taping down those pesky wires that are everywhere in and out of the house, you are reducing the risk of an animal tripping or chewing on them. Tape them to the wall or sides of the house to avoid injuries.

Be Careful When Wrapping.

We all love giving presents, but make sure while you are wrapping those lovely presents, your furry friend cannot reach any of the supplies. The wrapping paper, string, plastic and cloth could cause intestinal blockage if ingested. Make sure your scissors are kept in a safe place as well, never on the floor or low tables.

Keep Treats Off The Tree.

Get away from edible treats on your tree, however festive they may be. Our furry friends won’t know the consequences of tugging on a piece of popcorn hanging off the tree; they will only notice a nice snack. To avoid a tree falling on them, causing a huge mess, or breaking something, leave the popcorn and other edibles off the tree.

We here at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic want to ensure the top safety of your furry family members during this busy holiday season. But if an accident does occur, we want you to know that we are available to help in the hours where your traditional vet isn’t. We open when others close. So if it’s the middle of the night and your pet needs attention, we are the best 24 hour Emergency Vet in Buffalo, New York. You can trust your pets with us, because we are you and your pets’ WNY family.

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