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Joe, Cindy

Dear Dr. Poltis and Staff

Losing Tiggy was like losing a family member- Our animals are our family without a doubt. What you all did for us that day, even though it was very hard, it was easier because of all of you So thank you for everything and thinking of us.

The Schmitts

To the staff of the vet ER Clinic,

We wanted to sincerely thank you for the care and compassion you provided on 7/21/21 when we had to bring in our beloved Benny in to be euthanized. Also thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sending his paw prints. We are so happy to have that part of him. So very thoughtful of you.

Deborah H.

Dear Dr. Miller and Staff,

I thank you so very much for your service and the loving transition of Komet’s home going. I miss him but I know he is in a better place. Thank you


It takes special people to do what you do day in and day out. So I want to thank you for being the supportive force that helps make our lives a little bit easier!

The Klein Family

Dear Dr. Gritzmacher and Juliet,

A sincere thank you to all who cared for our dog Kenny before he passed. He was a very special day to do many and has left a great void in our lives. We appreciate all your time discussing his case with us and doing everything to help him. He did pass before we got to our vet as anticipated, but h did not seem to suffer and we were able to be with him which was important to us

Adeline S.

Dear Dr. Miller and Staff,

I can’t thank you enough for what you all did for Mittens. I miss him tremendously, but that paw print you sent me will help to keep him in my heart. I really hope the decision I made was right. There is no way I would ever let him suffer. Again, then you not only what you did for Mittens but what you do for all animals.

The Schweitzer & Pasternack Family

Dr. Miller, Kathleen and VEC Staff,

Thank you doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of the gratitude we feel. The care and thoughtfulness of the staff is beyond words. For something as heartbreaking and emotional as what were going through your staff handled everything with the utmost care, empathy, and respect. One of the most difficult parts of life was made a little easier because of you. Most sincerely thank you again,

The Hernandez Family

Dr. Doyle and Staff

We want you to know it was a comfort to know you cared. Thank you so much for all you did to make the passing of our fur baby, Crowley, peaceful and comforting. We can’t express how much we appreciate your medical guidance and support as we let her go with a broken heart. We appreciate the gentle and kind care you all provided to Crowley in her last moments and for allowing us to stay with her for as long as we needed after

Love Bandit and Briana

Hope you had a great holiday! We just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are. I can’t thank you all enough for saving little kitty. He has all his spunk and cuddliness back and it is all thanks to you. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Romano Family

To the Doctors and Staff,

Thank you for saving his life!

Shirley and James La B. 

Dear Dr. Miller and Staff,

We want to thank all of you for being so thoughtful and caring with our special friend Bo. We miss him so much, but we have so many great memories of him.  He was such a sweet and loving friend. Your kindness helped us through a very bad time. Thank you all

Nicole M.

Dr. Muckenhirn and Staff,

Thank you for your kindness and compassion you gave in Nahla’s last moments. I appreciate the time each staff member took to explain and help me through the process. And thank you for sending her paw prints. Forever grateful

Jeff D

Thank you for your kindness and all of the compassion and kindness from the VEC staff. They all have been wonderful and very sincere. Poppy was a large part of our family and we will miss her always. She was a good dog that I took home as a puppy for physical rehabilitation and adopted after the owner no longer wanted her. She was incredibly loyal and we all loved her very much. Her last day was spent mostly with my children around her. I was the last person to hold her as I laid her down on her bed. She passed in her sleep very peacefully. It was her last gift to us. Sincerely, Jeff D.

D and I

As my son and I arrived at your doors (VEC) with my heart in my hands knowing we were about to lose our best friend. With peace and love, the VEC staff was a gift from up above. I would like to thank you all for the comfort you gave to my family. I appreciate the card you sent with her paw print. Yes, I am hurting because my best friend is gone, but never forgotten. She has left her paw print forever in our hearts. D. and I.


Tina and Dennis K

To Everyone at the Veterinary Clinic:

Thank you so much for the comfort and compassion given to us at this sad time. The paw print and card will always be in our heart. I made a picture frame to put on the wall with them, next to “Brue’s” treasure chest and his picture. Thanks again, Tina and Dennis K.


Dear Dr. Gritzmacher and Juliet,

Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the care and concern given to me and my dog, Lacey during such a difficult time. Your understanding of our emotions and respect of our privacy and time remaining (precious time) was so appreciated. Most people would become callous to the situation but you both (and office staff) are amazing people doing a job you love. Washing and holding Lacey’s items also meant the world to me and my son. Her paw prints were a bitter-sweet gift. I know Lacey is looking down on us all, thinking “I am a pup again and so loved”. Lacey was so part of my life, my little 2nd chance girl. So glad we met you on our journey together. Karen

CH and AN

Dear Doctors and Staff,

We just wanted to thank everyone for the time and compassion that was put into Nacho. We couldn’t have asked for a better team. It means so much to see how much everyone truly cared, I know you did everything that you could. We appreciate your sympathy in our time of loss. Thank you for the amazing and caring work that you all do. Sincerely CH and AN.

John and Jill

Dr. Tierney and Staff

Thank you for taking such good care of Sage in her last moments. John and Jill



Dr. Tudini and Staff,

Thank you for everything that was done for Mickey last weekend. I was hoping to have him a while longer, but Mickey let me know it was time for me to let go. The card you sent to me is so beautiful with Mickey’s paw prints . . .

Paulette and Giovanna A

Dear Doctors,

My sister and I were in your clinic on Sun., April 26 with our kittie Pastina. The service Pastina received was excellent and everyone was so kind and helpful – thank you so very much. This was not the first time we have been to the clinic and every visit has always provided our pets with excellent care. Again, thank you so much for everything. Paulette and Giovanna A.

Ben and Mike S

Dr. Mroziak, Dr. West, and Josh,

Thank you for the compassion can care you showed Wyatt! It was a very scary time for us but you all made it easier. We appreciate everything you did for us from getting us in so quickly to spending so much time explaining and letting me be present with him. We were genuinely pleased with everything. You have a beautiful facility. We wish you the best but hope I don’t need you anytime soon again. I don’t think anything we would have done would have given us more times with Wyatt it was just a bad disease but you gave us hope in the little time we had left. Thank you, Ben and Mike S.

Lisa, John, Alex, Adam, Dana, and Leslie B

To all the staff, Dr. Spires, Dr, O’Toole, Dr. Poltis, Dr. Tierney, and anyone I missed, 

You have a wonderful way of going out of your way to be be wonderful. Thank you for taking care of our Jack. From Lisa, John, Alex, Adam, Dana, and Leslie B.


Andrea M and Family

Dear Dr. Tierney and staff,

Many thanks for helping us navigate through our difficult decision to put our sweet pup Lil to rest. You were wonderful and compassionate in our time of deep sadness. My family and I are grateful. And thank you for the thoughtful card and Lil’s paw print. In peace and health. Andrea M. and family. 

Ozark’s Mom Gail

Dear Dr. Gritzmacher and staff of the Emergency Vet:

I want to thank all of you who cared for my dog, Ozark on August 2nd. It was such a terribly sad say for me having to ultimately put him down. Thank you all so much for the beautiful remembrance card for my sweet boy Ozark.  The inked paw print was a complete surprise and is a very much appreciated keepsake. Thank you again for your kindness and thoughtfulness in my time of sorrow. Ozark’s Mom Gail C. 


Dr. Gritzmacher,

Thanks for being such a special person. Thank you for your care and support you gave our Lila in her last moments of her life. You were so very kind and supporting to my husband and I. Tressa B. 

Jenn and Randy

While my sheltie had a seizure. I was so scared. You took the time to talk and you made everything better. Thank you. On Saturday, April 9th around 3:10 pm, I called your clinic when my sheltie, Randy was having a seizure. (He is doing well now). I don’t know the man I spoke with but he helped me so much. He was so calm, he asked questions, told me if Randy had another to bring him in. He truly helped me through. Thank you so much for your kindness. It meant the world to me! Jenn and Randy 


The H Family

Dear Dr. Spires and Staff,

Thank you so much for the care and understanding you gave our precious Harley and us during our time that we had to say good-bye for now. Also thank you for the card, poem and especially Harley’s paw print. That meant a lot to us. She was very special to us and we miss her so much. Thank you again, the H. Family.

Wayne W

Thank you so much for assisting our Golden “Reilly” during his transition. You are truly professional and compassionate! Wayne W.

Jennifer, Peter F and Ruby

Dr. Brown and staff,

Thank yo for  your emergency treatment of our dog Ruby. Your consideration of her health and our finances was greatly appreciated. Ruby is thankfully okay after ingesting some antifreeze and we are very relieved. Will recommend you and visit again if needed. Sincerely Jennifer, Peter F. and Ruby

Lee and Lindsay

Staff of Greater Buffalo Veterinary Clinic,

We bought 12 year old Bear to you six days after we adopted him December 2014 for a slipped stomach, and again last Tuesday morning when he had passed away in his sleep. Both visits were incredibly stressful and scary for us, but your staff was incredibly kind and helpful both times. We also appreciate you taking the time to send his paw print. We have it next to his picture and hopefully, will look at it in the future with feelings of happy memories and not just sadness. Your compassion and sympathies are appreciated. With gratitude, Lee and Lindsay E. 


To the Staff,

Wanted to thank everyone for being so kind and caring for when I had to put down my cat, Blondie. It’s a very hard thing to do. Thank you for the card and for the card with her paaw print, I loved that it’s like I still have a pieces of her and I look at. Wish more vets did that. Thanks again for being so great. Karen D.   

T. Family

Dr. O’Toole and Staff,

Thank you for caring for my Versace. He is very special to my grandchildren and my 95 year old mom. God Bless you for all you do for His creatures. Once again I am grateful for all of you. Fondly, T. Family

Maggie, Drew and Ruby Woo

Dear Dr. O’Toole and Staff,

Thank you so much for your patience and compassion when we made the difficult decision to let our little Olive go. We appreciate you kindness more than you know. Love Maggie, Drew and Ruby Woo. 

Kim J

Dear Vets and Staff,

Thanks for all your care in July for our pet Bono! He is doing so well and is walking and jumping too. We are so grateful for all your care that was given in his recovery. We just wanted to give and update. Kim J. 

The T’s

Dear Dr. Poltis and Staff

We would like to thank you very much for your compassion and professional kindess that was extended to us in having to put our cat, Cleo, down. You made a tough time easier to handle for us. You’re an excellent bunch of people. Thanks! Again. The T.’s. 

Jay S and Shannon

Thank you for your kindness, care and compassion during our visit to your clinic with our beloved Emma. You and your staff helped us through a most difficult time and we appreciate your thoughtful card. It meant a lot to us! Jay S. and Shannon M.

Tony S

Dear Dr. Tierney and Staff,

Thank you for your compassion and assistance when we rushed our cat “Sweetie” into the clinic on Memorial weekend. While we couldn’t save Sweetie your efforts and follow up cards will always be deeply appreciated. Thank you for what you do everyday for our community and its furry friends. Sincerely and with warm regards, AnnMarie and Tony S. 

Jennifer and Garth M

Dear Dr. Brown, and the entire staff at the VEC, My husband and I wanted to send all of you a little note of thanks. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for the kindness and compassion you showed our family during an impossible time of grief and loss. Our sweet and loving compassion of 12 1/2 years, Zoe, was the light of our lives. She became so ill so quickly, and we have no idea we were so close to the end. She passed away within an hour of us getting her home from our vet.

Since our vet was closed, we called your office and the staff offered us guidance and support. When we arrived at your facility, one of the gentlemen that helped carry Zoe out of our vehicle gently laid his hand on her head and gave her a little pat. The other gentleman took the time to give us an ink impression of her paw print. The receptionists continuously offered their condolences. They also gave us an opportunity for one last goodbye in a private room. These might be “little” details that could be lost on some, but these details made a huge impression on us.

Even though this was our first time at your facility, we truly felt Zoe was in the best hands when we had to walk out the doors without her. We felt completely at peace leaving her in your care. The staff you employ, the work you do, and the services you provide are second to none. We could see genuine compassion and heartfelt sorrow everyone felt for our loss. That is something that only people with a true love for animals can express.

To say thank you doesn’t seem adequate. Your kindness will forever resonate in our hearts. You are truly exceptional, caring, and wonderful people. Yours truly, Jennifer and Garth M. 


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