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Trick or Treat | Keep Your Pet Safe this Halloween

Trick or Treat | Keep Your Pet Safe this Halloween

It’s officially the spookiest season of the year! Halloween is fun for the entire family, bringing together communities all over WNY. If you haven’t gotten out your decorations yet, you’re getting scary close! Pet owners should keep a few things in mind as Halloween creeps up on all of us.

Treats Must Be Stored in a Safe Place

Halloween and trick-or-treating means candy and chocolate. We know chocolate isn’t safe for dogs and cats. Keep all chocolate in the house in a pet-safe zone or sealed container. This is also a good time to teach youngsters about pet safety and why chocolate can hurt them. Call Veterinary Emergency Clinic in any case of potential toxic consumption.

Keep Pets Indoors On Halloween

The night of Halloween features one, not-so-nice part of Halloween… pranksters. There will be Halloween hi-jinks, and unfortunately some teenagers have been known to tease, injure, or steal pets on Halloween night. Let’s keep our pets indoors, but in a safe place inside as well.

Keep Pets Away from the Trick or Treat Door

Strangers dressed in costumes screaming for candy? Even the most well-behaved pooch might get a little spooked when there’s little ghouls and goblins appearing at the door. Keep the pets confined and away from the front door to avoid barking, darting outside, and territorial behavior.

Think Before You Decorate

It’s easy to get caught up in all the hoopla, but keep any pets in mind when choosing how to decorate. Jack-o-lanterns are a mandatory ritual around October, but be careful where you put them while lit. A pet could knock one over and start a fire. Also be sure to keep wires from any decorative lights out of reach from pets.

No Matter How Adorable..Only if They Are Comfortable Wearing a Costume

The ASPCA doesn’t recommend costumes on dogs or cats, unless you know she loves it. Odds are, they don’t. If you want to dress up your pet,  keep an eye on him or her, and don’t leave the costume on for too long. Avoid any dangling pieces or other choking hazards. A Halloween bandana can always make a great costume.

Veterinary Emergency Clinic wishes everyone a spooktacular Halloween season. Remember, if anything ever happens to your animal, don’t hesitate to call our office. We are here 24/7, always available to answer your questions and/or concerns.

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